Hytronik - Sensor & lighting control

Hytronik is a leading supplier of energy-saving products and intelligent lighting control solutions and has been designing and manufacturing since 2007. Our product series include a microwave motion sensor, PIR motion sensors, dimmable LED drivers, DALI drivers as well as LED emergency products. With over 20 year’s expertise in the lighting industry and over 30% of total staff possessing technical and electronic backgrounds, we have been working closely with luminaire manufacturers, contractors, and other professionals to supply product and solutions to meet varying demands, and will continue to excel in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

To be a world-class provider of Energy Efficient & Intelligent Lighting Control products & services; build a stage and platform for our employees to display their individual talents and fulfill their career ambitions.

Koolmesh was born in early 2019. From its very beginning, Koolmesh has been driven by technology. Based on the technology of Bluetooth Low Energy, Koolmesh aims to be a mesh wireless lighting control solution provider for our customers. Innovation is the central impulse of our development, in line with this original intention, and based on years of in-depth understanding of the lighting industry, our R&D team has successfully developed a set of diversified lighting control platforms. We balance diverse functions, operational flexibility, and technology to create added value for all parties including sales, installation, and user experience.

Koolmesh solution is characterized by multi-level customization, competitive price, easy-to-use app interface and wireless scalability. By integrating our products into LED drivers, dimmers, PIR sensors, panels and even LED modules, customers can gradually switch from traditional lighting to smart lighting solutions. With minimal investment to create their unique brand of lighting control systems. As a forward-thinking company, our R&D team with many years of industry experience is committed to refining and innovating our products, ensuring the high quality while improving performance.

Our mission is to make lights more intelligent and comfortable, and to extend wireless control to every luminaire within a building.